Wise Woman Collection

When I was younger I always admired “older women”, as they seemed to have it together. To me, they were confident, self sufficient, and strong. Now as a woman in her prime I finally see the wise woman in me starting to bloom. I also realize that she has been with me since the beginning but only now am I listening to her.

I remember reading a story. The disciples asked Jesus why he shared so much with Mary Magdalene and not them. He answered “because she has the eyes to see and the ears to hear.“ I believe what he meant is that Mary was a wise woman. Even in a story dominated by men, the wise woman could not be left out.

There is a guiding force that whispers gently in our ear for those still enough to listen.

My mother lives on Vancouver Island. After a long struggle to keep her cancer at bay she had a massive heart attack and is now in a hospice and on the last chapter of her life.  At times I have felt so helpless. I wished there was something I could do. Then I heard a quiet voice, deep within say "The only thing you can do is to hold a circle of love around her and help her to the next place. This is the highest form of love.” Somehow these words have made it easier.

Wise woman listens to the voice of intuition and guidance. Wise woman is led  by a greater source than those on this physical plane. Wise woman believes in the creative force that opens a flower and brings the rain. Wise woman believes in magic.

I brought forth the Wise Woman collection to remind all women ( myself included) to tap into that incredible power within. I created castings of symbolic images like Athena - the Goddess of Wisdom, the moon - an ancient female archetype, and the third eye - a symbol of intuition.

You may have lost family members and friends. You have probably lost lovers, some may have even broken your heart. Through all of this you continue to build character and shine. We can allow life to erode the spirit or we can learn from experiences and grow.

Each hardship is an opportunity to love. Nothing else matters.