Karyn Chopik

Karyn Chopik

Karyn Chopik is a well known artist from Canada's West Coast. You can always spot a Karyn Chopik piece. Her unique aesthetic includes a contrast of rough beaten metal against smooth sculptural design and extraordinary stones. She strives for a balance of yin yang. Karyn works with various mediums such as fashion jewelry, fine gold, and avante garde art pieces. 

Karyn graduated from the University of Alberta with a background in Fine Arts. For their 100th anniversary, the U of A recognized Karyn as an Alumni achieving excellence in her field. Karyn's work can be found in galleries and stores across Canada.

Chopik's free spirit creates a new look each season reflecting her inner essence. Her sculptural work explores a variety of materials from 30,000-year-old wooly mammoth ivory, to hand-forged metal, chunks of semi-precious stone, antique beads, and her own unique carved gold, sterling silver and bronze castings.


The Team

Karyn Chopik Studio is made up of a team of talented artisans and is based near Vancouver. The studio focuses on creating exceptional quality bespoke jewelry. Care and detail goes into each piece, from the fashion line to high-end gold. Karyn Chopik Studio uses special techniques and leading edge design. Every piece is hand forged in the studio. From bezels to castings, Karyn Chopik studio uses completely unique components and elements that make the jewelry truly one of a kind.

Our Team