My design process always starts with a feeling. At the beginning of a new season I am often drawn to a stone or crystal. While designing the Spring/Summer '17 collection Love Light the Way the universe brought me Amazonite. When I buy beads I travel to bead shows or spend countless hours on the internet surfing page upon page of beads. I am always looking for something that will hit me - stop me dead in my tracks. That's when I know, this is the one. This happened for me with Amazonite. The interesting thing about Amazonite is that I have walked past it for 20 years never giving it a second thought. This stone is no stranger to the scene and has been used in jewelry since the ancient Egyptians. Very recently some insightful stone cutter somewhere started mixing up the colour varieties of Amazonite into single strands of beads. Just like that, I was hooked. This small change allowed the stone to release it's soft feminine essence.

Amazonite reminds me of a warm beautiful sun set over the desert . There is something about working with Amazonite that makes one feel supported. Amazonite was named after the Amazon warrior women and is fabled to be worn on their breast plates.  It is an empowering little bead that brings out a feeling of solidarity. In current affairs the political and social environment is particularly charged right now. Having just participated in the global women’s march, I believe women are standing together collectively and sharing our voice. This stone is timely in its discovery, not only for me but for other women in general.

There are no coincidences in the universe.

Many crystal interpretations describe Amazonite as a stone of courage and truth. As an artist I am a work in process. My soul’s journey is infused into my creations. Amazonite is helping me find my voice. May she also offer support to you and whatever journey you may be going through.