The Story Of Provenance

    I was told a story a long time ago that always stayed with me. My dear friend and agent at the time was visiting her mom in her senior's retirement home. When the other ladies found out she was a jewelry rep they went to their rooms and returned with their jewelry. The show and tell began! They shared the special meaning behind each piece. Often their tales reached back generations. After hearing this, it became clear to me that jewelry is not just jewelry, it is memories. Jewelry holds energy and it has sacred meaning. Jewelry tells a story.

  I have never forgot that message. Fast forward 20 years later. A large portion of my business is working with people's precious things re purposing them into beautiful jewelry or works of art. I call them Provenance Pieces.  Diamonds and stones are pulled from existing sentimental jewelry. Objects with meaning are turned into beautiful new objet d'art pieces like a 60 year old wedding gift of a pure silver bar transformed into a mediation cube, or a multi-generational Mahjong tile wrapped in a bezel for a pendant. I have seen some incredible specimens over the years. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of continuing the chain of custody from generation to generation.

Intrinsic value is true value.