Karyn Chopik

Phoenix Tears Ring

SKU: R2405-1


Disappointment can be a blessing in disguise, opening a door to a light within that transforms all.

Like the mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes

Her tears seed reinvention 

  • 6mm cubic zirconia
  • 6mm bronze bezel
  • textured sculptural ring band
  • 3.20mm copper tear


Available "set" by our goldsmith where the metal is folded over the bezel.

Karyn Chopik Studio is made up of a team of talented Canadian artisans. Together we create high quality, luxury jewelry in the sterling silver, bronze, copper, and gold.

All of our work is handmade in British Columbia, Canada.

Our jewelry is handmade to order. Once your order is placed, we do our best to build your order and get it shipped as soon as possible. We will notify you when your order has shipped. For larger orders please allow us additional time to prepare your order.

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